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pen art self-portrait

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife, daughter, and cat. I believe that visual media should be clear, evocative, and tailored to the intended audience. These principles guide my process, including decisions about subject matter and which tools to use.

Danny McKeegan. Illustration and Design.

I work in pen and ink, watercolor, and vector or pixel-based digital art.

When I'm not holding a paintbrush or a stylus (or being a dad), I'm indulging one of my hobbies. When I can, I like to play piano, watch (and sometimes play) basketball, and of course roll dice and drink beers with my D&D group. 

Check out my work with Four Phantoms Brewing Company, Barley Creek Brewing Company, and in the children's book Angel Meets a Kitten, written by Shayla Kimbro.

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